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Working with Thai Yoga Massage and energy work is a transformative journey to myself. I feel it is a great gift to be able to give and receive at the same time.  

After working for many years as a psychologist in the field of preventing violence against children, I was increasingly drawn to healing work in direct encounters with people. There is nothing more healing for me than diving into spaces of intimacy, where authentic feelings are given space and witnessed. Spaces where communication beyond words and wanting to understand is possible.

In 2017 I discovered Thai Yoga Massage. The language of the body opened up a universe of new possibilities for me to encounter a person, to "see" them and to pave the way for self-healing. Since then I have been learning from experienced teachers of the Sunshine Network from different countries.

My thanks go to Krishnataki, Jens Sterz, Panajotis Tsetsonis, David Lutt, Siawash Peyman and Pau Castellsagué. 

In the summer of 2020  Life Alignment unexpectedly came into my life on a trip to Portugal. It felt like salvation. A sigh of relief. I was fascinated by the precision, efficiency and depth of this energetic healing method. In the meantime I have completed the basic training and attended various advanced modules. In addition to body alignment, I also learned vortex alignment - working with the system of vortex cards - and home alignment for the energetic balancing of buildings.

Thanks to Jeff Levin  (founder of Life Alignment), Reni Armbruster and Adrian Oliver.

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